How Does Internet of Things Work

How Does Internet of Things Work and What is all about ?{updated}

How Does Internet of Things Work in 2017

The concept of the Internet of Things or IoT has grown by leaps and bounds. Probably most of us have used it at least once or so in day to day lives, yet are not aware of what exactly it is. In fact, the growth of the Internet as one of the cheapest options of communication has been the major reasons for what we are seeing in the development of IoT.Read the Full Article on How Does Internet of Things Work?

How Does Internet of Things Work

What does Internet of Things Mean?

Simply put, IoT or the Internet of Things is a collection of different devices that can collect a good deal of information and then share and communicate this data with other devices through the Internet. The Internet is the basic mode that connects all these objects  – or “things” as they are called together. That is precisely what has coined the word Internet of Things.

What are these things? Well, an independent device that can connect to the internet is a thing. There are a few smart home devices that can be a perfect example for the Internet of Things application. There can be a smart device, for instance, that can sense the fact that a lamp is left on in the living room and send you the information through the i=Internet to your smartphone even when you are away. You can then “tell” it to switch the light off, again remotely.

Internet of Things makes it possible for all our devices to interconnect with each other and communicate among themselves. This is a way making the devices smarter. In fact, the concept has a greater possibility to make everything part of the Internet of Things brigade. Be it your car, smartphone, Geiser or even the TV – can be connected to the Internet and to other devices through the Internet, thereby enhancing the scope of the IoT.

How Does Internet of Things Work?

Well, if you think the concept of the Internet of Things works in the same way as we use the Internet in our day to day life, we are sorry for proving you wrong.  In fact, the 
iOT uses a specific network to connect to each of the things in its bracket.

What does that mean? Well, to make it simple for you to understand, let us check out the example we had in the previous paragraph. The sensor that catches the fact that the lamp is on can only send the information to your smartphone. It would not be able to connect to everything, but only with your smartphone and share the data that it has collected.

That would mean, your smartphone and the sensor using a specific network to sync with each other. There are two types of networks used in the IoT concept – the Mesh Networks and Centralised Networks.

Mesh Networks are the types of networks that are used to connect the two things or objects to one another. Mesh Networks connect to one another and nothing else. If you are connecting the two devices through the mesh network, they will be able to work together only when in a close proximity to each other. They are generally connected by means of short-range wireless technology like Bluetooth, and WiFi.

The Centralised Network performs completely different from Mesh Networks. The IoT device (or devices) connects to a centralized point. This centralized point is called a Hub. A series of devices can be connected to this Hub and thereby can communicate with each other. The centralized Networks can either be devised to be closed or open in nature.

The Concepts behind the Internet of Things may not be much tough to understand. However, it is one of the promising technologies that we can look forward to making a huge difference to the humankind.

Internet of Things in A Nutshell

Put simply, the concept of the Internet of Things is basically a technique of connecting multiple devices to each other through the internet. These aren’t any new devices, but the same ones that used to work as standalone devices in the past.

The concept has been fast catching up in the real world. The effect of the Internet of Things is being felt more vigorously in the field of healthcare segment. In fact, the concept of the internet of Things has been termed as a game changer in the field of medical sciences heralding a new age in clinical monitoring and chronic disease management.

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