workplace by facebook review

Workplace by Facebook review with detail explanation of App ?

Workplace by Facebook review

Facebook has indulged itself into our lives in several ways. It has not just remained a social network site. One of the recent inroads it has made into our work life is through Facebook Workplace. What is exactly workplace by Facebook? Let us go through the details of what this new initiative from Facebook plans to do and how. Let Check out the workplace by facebook review

workplace by facebook review

What is Workplace by Facebook?

Facebook is for your personal space. More often than not, you are not allowed to use Facebook at your office. Facebook Workplace is an app that is meant for your office. In simple words, Facebook Workplace is Facebook for your Workplace.

Are we confusing you further? Not exactly. The workplace is the Facebook at your office in all its essentiality. It comes with all the features that Facebook has, but with a special layering that would suit the office, or where you work. It will let you create specific groups. You can have chats, live videos, regular chats and what not. In essence, it is a special place where you can give voice to your concerns.

How is it helpful for the companies?

Well, it has all the services that a company, especially the companies that have multiple facilities across the globe, would need. It lets the companies and their employees share their information in groups and in chats.

The app does have regular Facebook features like live videos, reactions and trending posts in your News Feed. The service is intended to provide a hassle free means of establishing quicker telephonic and video conferencing quite easily.

It has found quite a few admirers in the form of bigger companies. Some of the companies that have already adopted Facebook Workplace include Danone, Starbucks, and Indian banks like YES Bank have also taken the initiative to get into their fold.

Facebook Workplace is designed as collaboration and communication app. The app has been designed on the similar lines of Slack and Yammer. However, it is slightly different from those. It works from both an employee perspective and business perspective. As an employee, you can join the service, create a group and connect with the people you know. You can have interactions with the people working in the same department. If you see the application from a business point of view – it is an app wherein all the employees in an organization can communicate with each other. It becomes a central place where the managers can be sent alerts to the employees under them through state of the art communication tools. In fact, the service can be more reliable than emails and other existing communication channels.

How does it differ from regular Facebook?

Well, the Facebook Workplace is an app that differs in more ways than one from the regular version of Facebook. It has specifically designed keeping the requirements of an office environment.

Some of the differing factors worth mentioning are

  • The initial difference you would notice is the theme color of the app. The workplace has a putty color, while the standard Facebook has a blue theme color.
  • Workplace happens to be a paid application whereas the standard Facebook app is free to download and use.
  • Facebook Workplace has no ads.

Is it a good option to go for Facebook Workplace?

It would not be easy to understand the implications that Facebook Workplace can have on business. The platform is being launched as a competition to the already existing solutions in business communications. How much success will it have in comparison is something that only time will tell.

If you expect Facebook Workplace to boost your productivity, or improve the work culture of your company, you may be expecting too much. It only provides you a platform to have a clear communication. If your company already has a separate communication channel in place on which your employees and colleagues have been communicating, it may take a little time getting used to a new communication platform.

The tool has a Multi-Company Group as well. It works best if you want to have communication with people working in some other organizations. It will be helpful in extending cooperation beyond your own company. This can be a feature in some cases. This should work better for software startups.

Pricing and Plans

Facebook Workplace offers Premium features for free if your ororganizationappens to be a non-profit firm. The concession is also available for educational institutions.

For others, the premium plan has following pricing structure –

Plan 1 –

$ 3 per user for the first 1000 users.

Plan 2 –

If you have more than 1000 users, you will be charged at the above plan for the first 1000 members. You will be charged $ 2 per user for the next 9000 users.

Plan 3 –

If the number of members exceeds 9000, further members will be charged at $ 1 per user.

The progressive billing can work efficiently and makes sense. The monthly billing will be made based on how many of your employees used Workplace.

All enrollments will come with the following features –

  • Live video streaming,
  • Unlimited storage for video, file, and photos
  • Unlimited teams and groups.
  • Desktop notification.
  • One to One admin support for emails
  • Single sign-on
  • Integration with apps like Azure and G Suite.
  • Effective monitoring tools.

The Final Thoughts

Facebook has practically dominated our personal lives so far. However, it was not allowed (at least as per rules) at workplaces. Facebook now looks forward to changing it for better. After over a billion users with their personal Facebook accounts (and a staggering number of WhatsApp users), Facebook now plans to enter our Workplaces with its dedicated application.

The service already has over 1000 companies signing up to the service.Facebook Workplace has already become popular enough in India, the US, Norway, the UK, and France.  We would expect the service to grow for better. Let us see how does the service work and perform.  Until then… ask your managers to try Facebook Workplace in your company and find how it works.

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