nucleus Smart home

How Smart is Your Home? and all about nucleus Smart home

How Smart is Your Home?

nucleus Smart home

I’m excited about the topic today: I want to talk about “smart” home technology or normal household devices that are connected to the internet. You might not know it, but there’s a new trend of items like the refrigerator, blinds, and even the trash can that are internet-connected and respond to smartphone apps. This trend is called the Internet of Things, or IoT. It symbolizes how every year more “things” or devices are connecting to the internet and getting more functionality.

You might ask, why is this necessary? What does it entail? Well let’s look at an example of a cool smart device and see what it can do for you. The Amazon Echo is a really popular smart home device that is voice controlled, like the Siri feature on iPhones. This means that you can verbally ask the device for information, like a sports score, and it will tell you real-time. It can also play music for you, order food, and much more on demand. I own one and it’s awesome!

Another example of an interesting connected device you might not have known you needed is called the Nucleus. It’s a home intercom system that allows you to be in the same room as family or friends with the press of a button. Basically you install the device into different homes or different rooms, and then you can have a video chat with the person on the other end. It’s great for situations where it may be hard to stay in touch, like for those of you who have young kids but work a lot. The kids are too young to call on a cellphone so it’s great to be able to check in on them and interact with them through the device.

So while I don’t have too many smart devices myself, I’m definitely getting interested in purchasing some more this year!

Do you guys have any of these devices? Let me know your reactions to them in the comments! Second-hand experience is always better than Amazon reviews!

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