sony attachable lens


As of recent trend of images and increase of interest of photography in everyone and use of smart phone’s for selfie’s
and taking pictures. Various companies are Looking forward to improvising the user experience of using their smartphone for photography and they are releasing attachable Lens for smartphones to improve the available options for the mobile camera.


Sony Smart Phone Camera
As all of camera used in smartphones are made by Sony Or Samsung. These Giant providing user’s unbelievable experience and they also introduce Lens attachment case for attaching any kind of Lens for $29.99.
                  These Lens Work with NFC, WiFi and are easy to connect to your mobile. With the use of this lens, you can turn your smartphone into a professional camera and you can share it on a go and also edit it with your favorite image editing apps and all the other kind of stuff.
                                                                                                                               Sony made this available only to Z-series. It already released its Smartphone attachable Lens Style camera  DSC- QX 100 which will work with Xperia Z1. You can order it in Amazon.


Apple I Phone Lens
Tech Giant Apple is Nowhere interested in developing these Lens, but Rest of them are interested in it. Unlike Sony Bulky Lens, these are miniature which doesn’t improve clarity or provide excess MP to your mobile. But it provides the optical Zoom and it can go over 12 X Zoom.
                                                                                                                              Another Type of Lens Dial where 0.7 x  Wide angle Lens which are used to take photos of Landscapes and 0.33 x Fisheye Lens which is for Fun Warped Pic’s and 1.5 x Telephoto Lens which shot’s images closer to it’s object. These 3 lenses are provided in One and that too in a dial form.

This lens weighs approximately 300 grams and You can order it in Amazon and it is compatible only with 4 and 4S.

Apple I phone 3 in 1 Lens
                        For I Phone 5, I-Phone 5S , I Phone 6 , I-Phone 6 Plus Here is an another Telephoto Lens which Helps you to go to optical zoom of 12 X. You can shoot it in Low Light and also it comes with a Tripod.
Apple I phone Tripod
 This is Suitable for Concert and at parties and as I Phone  6 plus camera comes with greater clarity, all you need is optical Zoom to reach out to your picture. You can view the Sample picture which is taken by Telephoto Lens.
I Phone Image CLarity

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