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Social media aggrandisement, over-sharing and an iPhone tracker app – what’s the connection

We can see how social media has turned out to be more like a captivating giant web that no one has been able to escape so far. While there are people who occasionally go through digital detoxification, but those short intervals of cut-off from digital media aren’t that helpful. And when it comes to kids, you can never expect them to stay away from their smartphones for even a second.Smartphones—kids’ lullaby at night, and for the day,their companion, or more like a life companion, as Samsung used to refer to their smartphone  in the past.

Well, but let’s be honest—we know kids have fallen prey to social media and the disease of over-sharing. If your kids are always glued to their iPhones or iPads, then you need to reconcile your parenting technique, because, It’s extremely dangerous. Social media obsession and the resulting over-sharing can be really harmful for your kids, especially for their future. But what kind of things kids are sharing online and why do you need an iPhone tracker app? Read on to know.

What are teens sharing online?

  • Home address: Every 14 out of 100 teens share their home address online. This could mean, If your kid has been stalked by some online sexual harasser or bully, then it’s just a matter of time for them to knock around your door when you aren’t around.
  • Phone number: This is far more popular than sharing of personal address online. Facebook, for instance, verifies your Facebook account using a phone number. Many people don’t know but that their phone number is visible to others as default settings.
  • Geographic information: Many social media apps require users to turn on location services on their smartphones. Dating apps like Tinder wouldn’t work if you don’t let the app access your location. So kids acquiesce to the terms and conditions of this app to gain access.

Why do you need a Parental control app?

These aforementioned risks of oversharing are not to be neglected under any circumstance and therefore, the need for a parental control app is pertinent. These apps can be installed onto any iOS device to oversee others’ activities.

iPhone tracking app like XNSPYis a custom app for iPhones, iPads and iPods. It’s really effective in dealing with kids misuse of social media. You can monitor your teens’ smartphone activity by:

  • Tracking phones logs. This includes calls, SMS, emails, internet browsing history, calendar entries and contacts.
  • Monitoring Social media activity. You need to look at what your kids are sharing on Facebook and who they are talking to on IM apps. XNSPY will monitor every famous app including Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Skype, Kik and iMessage.
  • Tracking real-time location. Parents biggest fears turn into reality when kids take a step further by meeting in-person with their online friends. This can be prevented by taking a closer look at kids’ every outdoor move. Using Xnspy, kids can also be geo-fenced to restrict them from entering into certain places

iPhone tracker app like XNSPY is a parenting saviour. It starts at just $8.33/month so anyone can use it. It’s a great parental control for every kid of any age.

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