Cicret Bracelet

After Google Glasses,  Android gear, Apple Watch, If you find these devices extremely large to operate your smartphone. Here comes this Cicret Bracelet, which uses your arm as the screen and it carries all the mobile operation on your arm. You can play games, chat, send Emails, you can do all the stuff with this Cicret Bracelet
This is just a bracelet which is connected to your smartphone and make your skin the new Touch screen.This is like a gadget from a Science fiction movie or a Cartoon kind of stuff.

Proximity Sensors


This Bracelet consists of  a Pico Projector and 8 Long Range proximity sensor’s and when you obstruct this sensor, it sends information to the processor which is built in the bracelet. With this information that it has received it performs the parallel operations. For example when your press your email icon on your skin, icon lies on a specific location of that sensor, then it sends information that email icon is selected then it will give instruction to that processor, then it displays the screen of your mail in as it is in your Mobile.

                                                    You can switch it on anywhere and it’s waterproof. Just you twist your hand and it will on and the Home screen of your mobile is displayed on your arm.This is the First instance where four technologies  has combine to create a successful prototype and develop it into the device.
  • It’ll Project with low angle
  • This will be controllable with your fingers
  • Works in Bright Daylight
  • Works in Any Skin color
Cicret Bracelet Functions



  • AcceleroMeter – To measure proper acceleration ( G- force )
  • Memory card + Ram – For storage, it will be available in 32 and 64 GB versions.
  • Processor- As I stated the information is sent to the bracelet and this SOC processor manages it.
  • Vibrator-For vibration gestures.
  • Micro USB port- For direct transfer of your files
  • Proximity Sensor- Quantity of 8 to acquire coordinates of your touch
  • Pico Projector- To project the Smartphone Screen on your Arm.
  • Bluetooth- For File Transfer
  • WiFi- It can Gain access to WiFi.
  • LED- For On and Off indication.

All of these Components are designed to be in Micro Size and to Fit in Size of a Bracelet.

Cicret Bracelet Colors
As I said two versions of this 32 & 64 GB and also it is available in 10 different color’s and the Project is under development.It is Expected to release on Q4 of 2015 Or Q1 of 2016 with a Price Tag of  199-399 US D.
PS:  Now with Google Glasses Been Hectic and it is a bit Heavy when compared to this Bracelet and this Bracelet also Provides a Tough competition for Smartphone Watch. Also, it’s being Water Proof and it resembles a Vintage Power Ranger’s Morph-er( childHood Memories).
Here is the First Demo of this Bracelet from their Company


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