Ear phones, this is a small gadget which we will find everywhere.But Usually earphones controls the sound ( music) from the phone.
But, Here is the one which am talking about is the one which doesn’t operate  your sound from phone , but it will change the way you listen to your surroundings .

Here Active Listening

All you need is a pair of ear buds and a smartphone. Then you can change the way your ear’s listen surrounding voices. These wireless ear buds fits in your ear and then it will change the nature sound.

And here it is how it works, these ear buds connect to the smartphone and an in build app holds the key for functioning of the ear buds. App provides you with different options like equalizer , volume ( Here volume doesn’t mean just an option, where you will increase OR decrease. But this is a different option where you will be able to see it in decibels and also noise cancellation included by default). Sound effects, Filter modes.
If you think this options are just like the which your smartphone currently persist, then you are wrong. Here  Sound effects  means you can add a Baby voice or your friend’s voice. Just assume when you went to a concert and they play a slow & melody music, but your interest is in Rock music. Then just change the sound effect’s like bass and other effect’s, then you can listen the same Live song in Rock.


Here Sound Function

   As Digital Signal Processor is used, one may question about it delays between the audio we hear and the actual audio. Here delay will be present but our ear will not be able to catch that.

>                                                                                                                                             Now  some might be fed up with the songs from movies. So now with these you change the way the song plays and hear it. You can also create Music from the basics you know about the musical instrument. You need not to be a professional to enjoy Good Music which you like.



Now with this New Gadget remove the Noise from your life and fill it will pleasant Music……….


Source : Dopler

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