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Music downloads constitute a major part of what most of the users tend to do on their smartphones. Using a reliable and trustworthy service or app for the purpose is a lot more important. There are a large number of third-party sites and apps that promise to fulfil your needs, but in the practical sense, it is quite scary to use them. Many of them tend to be illegal and may violate copyright restrictions. Let me bring out a few good music downloadable apps that help you in this regard.


It is one of the most vibrant music streaming services out there. It does have a good UI. It is one of the wells-designed services among the competitors.

The service is available on almost all major platforms. There is also a social layer to the app which lets you check out what your friend are listening to at the moment.

The playlist tends to be a bit buggy though you have access to a god library.

The subscription charges are Rs. 120 per month on iOS and Rs.99 per month on Android.

  1. Hungama

Hungama started off meekly but been able to improve a lot over the last one year. The Android app has been beefed up with a new look. The similar changes will be available on iOS as well soon.

You have a consistently large music library. The service is available in five languages. In fact, Hungamais the best in town for the Indian music. However, it fails to have a better international music collection. The interface needs a greater overhauling.

The app is available on almost all major platforms. The pricing is similar to Gaana at Rs. 120 on iOS and Rs. 110 on Android.




  1. Saavn

Saavn was the first ever music streaming service to be launched in India. It still enjoys a good deal of popularity. It has an interesting collection of Indian and international music.

The service lets you download music at high quality 320kbps bit rate. The app has a lite plan that lets you download 3 GB of songs at Rs. 120 per month. You can use Pro plan to download unlimited music on up to five devices at Rs. 250 per month.

The app is available for iOS and Android. You can access the service on its web portal as well.


  1. Wynk

Coming from AirTel, Wynk music is the latest one to enter the music arena. The search list is curated in the best possible way. The service has a great collection of latest Bollywood music, old classics and international music.

On Android, you have access to your favourite music at Rs. 99 per month. There is a free plan as well. It will let you stream 100 songs per month. The pricing structure  is a little complicated and AirTel users have some benefits.

The app is available on Android and iOS. It also has a mobile web version.


  1. Guvera Music

This is a largely unknown player. The service seems to be intentionally keeping a low profile. It does feature a good library. One of the most disappointing features with the app is the ads it keeps showing up. In fact, the ads ruin your music experience to a large extent.

The music library is quite awesome. It has a good collection of Indian and international music.

The subscription plans tend to be quite expensive compared to the competition. You have to spend Rs. 199 per month if you are an Android user while the charges for iOS users are Rs. 250 per month. The Mobile web streaming comes at Rs. 199 per month.




6. Google Play Music


Google Play Music is one of the greatest marketing tools for Android. Though the downloads are offered only with subscriptions, it offers you millions of songs for free. You get regular recommendations based on your taste. The app tracks your preferences while you are using the app and comes up with what Google calls “smart recommendations”.

It lets you download songs which you can listen to when you are not connected. There is a radio station option and you can play the stations based on what you want to listen or how you are feeling. You can upload your personal collection and listen to it across different platforms and devices like Android, iOS or Web portal. You a store up to 50000 songs to your Google music account.

It lets you have an ad free uninterrupted listening.


7. 4Shared Music


It can be treated as numero uno music downloader. The music library is enough to make competitors envious. It has practically close to sixty lakh songs to choose from.

The best part is the music you have downloaded gets added to your own 4Shared cloud storage. That makes it the best music downloader app. You can download the songs again in case your favourite track gets deleted accidently or when you change your device.

You can search for your favourite music using the search menu on the app.You can upload your own tracks to the 4Shared  Music. You get 15 GB storage on your own cloud storage account.

Head on to Google Play Store to download the app.


8. Free MP3 Downloads

The Free MP3 Downloads app can be used to search for music files of choice. The app lists out the tracks that are licensed to be used for free. So no worries about the tracks being pirated. The “Listen” tab lets you listen to all the tracks you have downloaded through the app.


Please note that the app has music authorised by authors for free use. So you will not be able to download commercial music. Music on Free MP3 Downloads is provided by


9. RockMyRun

It is yet another popular Music downloaded out there. The app is best suited for listening to music while at the workouts – hence the name. It has the best mix created by the famous DJs. It incorporates “Body Driven Music” which adjusts the tempo of the music to match your steps. So you do not need to hit that Skip button anymore. The app has a big list of different genres to choose from

The playlist has a huge library of motivational workout music.




10. Omega MP3 Download Free


One of the popular music downloaded for Android though it does not match the ones sited above. You can listen to the music of your choice through the app. You also have the option to download it.

It does have a search option too so that you can search for a track that you wish to and then listen to it or download it through the app

However, the app seems to have been taken off from Google Play Store recently. Though I am not sure of the reason, you can search for the apk link by searching for the app.


Well, that was a small list of Music Download Apps that are more legal in nature. I know there are plentiful of apps promising to do the same for you in the app store, but most of them tend to be spurious. I would advise you to be cautious with such apps.



In fact, almost all of those mainstream music streaming and download services seem to be almost identical to each other. Gaana and Wynk tend to be better placed by a whisker though. Please note that none of these apps will allow you to download music without a subscription. All ten apps featured above have a great interface except Hungama which needs to do something with its interface to stay in the competition.


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  1. If you are ready to pay subscription charges, WynkMusic is the best one for you. It has everything that a music lover needs. Best in class curation, good library and competitive pricing are what make it a good choice.
    If going for free music downloads, go for 4Shared.

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