Money making apps, looks a kind of funny and interesting, but you can earn money from your smartphone.There are money making  apps in app stores which help you make money. Yes, there are a few apps which sound too unreliable or those which pay the too low amount. .This money making apps will help you to earn while you tickle with your smartphone. Smartphone app store is indeed a storehouse of gems. If you are looking forward to earning some money, you would better opt for blogging. But fact remains that not everyone is capable of blogging. Let us find out a few such apps in this article




money making apps



Viggle is the way you can earn some money while doing something that interests you – watching TV, or listening to music! You do not need to do anything specific to earn money. Isn’t that interesting?

It works in a quite simple way. Just download and install the app. Every time you watch a TV show or listening to some music, open the app on your smartphone and let the app recognise it. Done – your reward points are awarded instantly. As simple as that. A good app for the couch potatoes.

The reward points are awarded in the forum of Viggle points. For every TV show and the music that the app recognises, you will keep accumulating those points. You can redeem.those points for movies, music and gift cards. Recently the reward redemption includes audio books and EBooks.

Salient features of the app include –

  1. Check any TV show or music to earn Viggle points.
  2. Open the app every day to find the featured show and win points.

iii. You can play trivia games and earn more points.

The app also lets you set reminders to your favourite TV shows.

The app also features Viggle Live. You can answer the questions or vote for polls based on the show.

The app is available for Android as well as iOS.( Not available in India )




Have a smartphone, and good photography skills? Well, that’s enough for you earn the little money with this app. Take pictures of any important event in your locality and post it on the app. Scoopshot pays you for taking those pictures. These pictures are used by journalists and websites covering news.

Scoopshot also has a global community of mobile photographers wherein you can interact with fellow community members and gain more information and knowledge. The community also organises daily contests.

Some features of the app include

  1. Daily contests based on a niche topic.
  2. Winners of the contest are decided based on the votes by the community.

iii. You will continue having a right to your projects until your entries are sold. You can set your own price for your work.

Brands and publishers keep posting their needs on the app and community. Keep an eye on them and present your work to get recognised and selected.




Screenwise Panel


Coming from Google itself, this is a unique app that offers you rewards just for installing their app and keep it running. If you are ready, you can join the Screenwise Media Panel and install the Screenwise app on your phone. Whenever you use The internet on your phone, Google will get to know about the sites visited, the apps used and the way you use the apps.

Once you install the app, you get Rs. 300 as the welcome bonus. Then for each month, you will get Rs. 100 for keeping the app on. There is an additional bonus of Rs. 10 per month which goes on increasing by Rs. 10 each month you keep your app active till you reach Rs. 200. To elaborate it, on joining – you get Rs. 300, on completion of the first month, you will get Rs.110, completion of the second month will bring in another Rs. 120 until you reach Rs. 200. Thereafter, you will continue getting Rs. 200 per month.

The rewards are not encashable. You will keep getting messages per month on your accumulation of rewards. You can redeem them for gift vouchers. Google has roped in a few players from e-commerce like Jabong, Flipkart and Myntra. More partners will be added soon.

It pays as it promises. Your reward points keep increasing each month. However, there are concerns about your privacy being at stake. Though, Google says it does not access your private information, there is no word on what exactly it does and what kind of data does it access.

Being a Google initiative, it is only available for Android.




Dreamstime Companion is an app that pays you for what you love doing. As many of you might be aware, Dreamstime is a stock photography site. The mobile app lets the photographers out there to earn by showcasing their own photographs.

You can setup the account quite easily and sign in. You can easily upload images to the Dreamstime Store. Direct upload from your smartphone is allowed.  Please note that the image size needs to be at least 3 MB. Lower size than that is not permitted.

You can upload the images and set your preferences as to whether you want to sell the images as to editorial purposes or commercial.purposes. You can set the minimum pricing for your images as well. You can track your image statistics and also track your earnings while on the move.

You need not be a professional photographer to be able to earn from Dreamstime. The app and the site have support for pro and amateur photographers. You can reach millions of customers instantly.

You can have your images embedded by publishers so that you keep earning each time your image is used, or decide to sell off outright for a price that you have set.

You may also try other apps like Fotolia in the same genre.




It appears similar to other apps of same nature like mCent. You need to have an account with AppRedeem. If you don’t, register for an account and login to the app. The registration process is quite simple and easy.

You can gain points for downloading apps in addition to several other options to do the same. The app lets you earn gift points on rating the apps, suggesting improvements or sharing those apps on social networks. The app also awards points based on your referrals.

As soon as your points pile up to 500, you move a level up. The level up brings up extra points which in turn increases your money rewards.

The AppRedeem app lets you engage yourself with the app developers. Help them improve their apps and, in turn, earn more points for you.

Once you accumulate a prescribed number of points, you can con er those points to real money. The points can be traded for real cash through PayPal if you have an account. If you feel little insecure, you can choose to opt for Bank Transfer. You can also choose them to be redeemed via Amazon or Best Buy gift cards.




This is again the mobile app that lets you earn points in lieu of downloading apps. As soon as you download the app, register with AppNana and sign in on the app with your account. Now keep earning points for downloading the apps from the app.

Each app you download will come with certain points. The points depend on the size, popularity, genre and the ratings of the app. Please note that you will not be able to earn points just by downloading the apps. Remember you need to open the app to gain points.

The best part with AppNana is that it offers your points just for logging into the app every day. Which means you can accumulate points everyday email en if you do not download any app. This is what sets AppNana part from other similar apps. You can get up to 400 points just logging in every day. The points accumulated over time can be redeemed for gift cards from across different stores. The gift codes are directly sent to your email accounts. And yes – you can get a transfer to your PayPal account as well.

The app has been popular on iOS. It has now been made available on Android as well.






Well, it again belongs to the same arena. It works on the same principle as other similar applications. You need to download apps to accumulate points and later you can redeem them for some rewards.

You can accumulate points for downloading apps.

There are other ways than just downloading the apps to earn money. You can try free games, the products for free or complete surveys. Watching videos too will help you gain points.

Even the invite system earns you great points. You get 10% of your referral’s earning as your bonus. You can invite your friends via email, SMS or Facebook.

Log in every day to check for special offers and tips. Keep inviting friends to earn more points. YI u can complete any offers you would wish to complete and gain more points. Once you cross 2500 points, you can request to redeem the points. Redemption options include transfer to PayPal account. You may also request to redeem your points for gift cards. Your gift code will be sent to your email address.




That is a little list with some really useful apps that help you earn a little pocket money. Please note that you will not be able to make it a means of your livelihood. You can use these apps only for some additional income. Relying too much on these apps may not advisable.

Another point of notice here – the app stores are filled with many such apps that promise huge money. Please do not fall prey to them. Opting for a few genuine and official apps will definitely worthwhile for making a little more money.


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