Best voip apps in today’s World of Internet 2017 look up

Best VoIP apps

VoIP Calling Apps

VOIP are the new standards of today’s world, just ask yourself can you stay without WhatsApp, Skype and other Quality apps out there.
I have compiled a list of handpicked best VoIP calling apps for better quality and usability. This is available free of cost. However, some may have some extra features at a minimal cost.

Best VoIP  apps 2017

Google Hangouts

As the name suggests, this one is from official Google and as it comes from the Google.
It is quite popular and widely used for conducting webinars as it is considered as one of the best and reliable media for live streaming.
As the integration of Google Hangouts with the associated emails makes it pretty easier for communicating instantly and by this on the other end people are likely to join Google Hangouts, and it is one of the best clients to provide top-notch service.

Facebook Messenger
[Price: Free]

Facebook introduced a new feature in their messaging service; As Facebook has turned to be the best social site, where most of the youths spend their most of time, which also made FB add this feature.
A few years ego, this feature was included but due to battery draining application and the people on other end are not likely to pick up the call on another end; this makes FB stand under dark area, but still need to say it is used by few of us.

[Price: Free]

Now our site concludes this is a very Popular VoIP and SIP Service; we are using this site since years. The best part is this service is not the king it is the king-Kong of VoIP service without a Question, look no longer.
This application and its service will never disappoint since ages; It is one of the great companions to live with. One cannot go wrong with this.

[Price: Free]

It has been a year since, Whatsapp the famous chatting Application [VoIP] has introduced a new feature of calling, which also data saving mode for reducing the data usage. And yes many people are used to WhatsApp for various communication. And people are likely to use for calling, and hence it’s a very popular service; this feature was the most demanding feature, the best part I liked is the Quality of data saving mode is also excellent and pleasant to hear on both the ends.


We strongly believe the VoIP is very important to service as user point of you, Our site is only published quality content and we do not sponsor and product’s services, the above-suggested VoIP services are truly theBest VoIP calling applications, And the only VoIP service you need, Look no further, this is it, and this is all. We strongly recommend not to waste time in other 3rd party apps for VoIP calling service,
When you are getting top-notch, reliable, popular service at free, it is better to stick with the standard apps and then looking for other apps,
I truly hope you people liked by efforts to get this unbiased reviews and tips.
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