fire emblem heroes game review 2017

fire emblem heroes game review 2017 along all detail you need to know

fire emblem heroes game review along with detail

fire emblem heroes game review 2017

Fire Emblem series has been one of the popular games in the past. The developer, Nintendo has come up with its first real Android game with Fire Emblem Heroes. The new game from Nintendo has created a good response and something the Android gamers have been looking forward to. We will check out how does the fire emblem heroes game review

What is Fire Emblem Heroes?

Well, Fire Emblem Heroes is a simplified, yet a complete effort at bringing the all favorite time game to the smaller world of Android smartphones.

The console game has finally been adapted to the smartphone experience. It is a strategy role-playing game that spread across different chapters and episodes. Faithful to the spirit of the role-playing games, it offers you longer battles that are handled on some challenging terrains with a stranger and stronger characters.

Fire Emblem Heroes – The Game Play

fire emblem heroes review

The basic gameplay of Fire Emblem Heroes revolves around the turn-based battles spread long enough. The aim of the player would be to move your characters in turns on a 2D board. It may remind you of the moves in a game of chess. Your strategy is to eliminate the other side completely.

The game has been treated like most of the reviewers as a combination of Chess and rock-paper-scissors. The game resembles chess in many ways. You have four characters which have their strengths and weaknesses. They can move only a few squares ala chess.

There are some additional rules – each of the characters can beat a particular character. For instance, a sword can beat an ax and so on. However, it should not be hard for you to remember – there is a color coding that helps you remember the sequence.

However, if you have played any of the console games in the Fire Emblem franchise, then you may find the game simplest of them all.

Apart from the multiplayer option or the online option, you also have a PVP or Player versus Player option for competing with your friends.

You can play a few challenges. These will help you earn some rewards. These rewards can aid you in procuring in game items or even orbs and other items.

The interface and the graphics of fire emblem heroes 

The game comes with a simple interface as we stated before while explaining the gameplay. The game has been restructured keeping in view the requirements and limitations of a smartphone user. The interface is quite simpler and efficiently arranged.

There are some great sound effects. If you are someone who is a constant and a regular fan of the Fire Emblem series, you will feel excited and nostalgic about the soundtracks from the older editions. The sound effects are interesting enough and do not go overboard.

How much does the game cost you?

The game is free to download and play. However, the game also provides you in-app purchase options.

The gameplay as explained above needs Orbs. Orbs are required for managing and bringing in new characters ( or Heroes, as they are called), restoring the stamina or dueling swords or upgrading the number of heroes you can call up.  The Orbs are also used for reviving your fallen characters and upgrading castles. If you feel you are in need of the orbs, you can opt for in-app purchases.

There are several options to get your orbs – They can be bought in groups – from 3 to 140. Three orbs will cost you $ 1.99, and 140 orbs will be charged at $ 74.99. In fact, you may not need to purchase any orbs. The game has a rewards system wherein you are provided access to earning free orbs.

You may get an orb when you complete a particular mission. There are several missions you can complete and earn orbs. Ideally speaking, you may not need to buy any of those orbs through in-app purchases.

Is the game worth fire emblem heroes  game and video

video credit IGN

Well, that is exactly what depends on you, and your interests. What kind of games are you interested in?

It tactical and strategy games are your staple diet, Fire Emblem Heroes is your take. If you have played any of the games in the Fire Emblem series before, you will not have any issues with falling in love with this game. The console game has perfectly been adapted for the smaller smartphone environment, and that makes it a great Android game in the genre.

What makes it one of the good options is you do not need to pay anything to start playing the game. There are no compulsory payments as you might have seen another of the Nintendo game – Super Mario Run. Though it features in-app purchases, in most of the circumstances you may not need to make any purchases whatsoever.

In Conclusion

Fire Emblem Heroes can be a great choice – especially considering the fact that it is coming to you from a well-known developer of console games – Nintendo – if you a fan of strategy games. And yes, please note that you cannot expect the same performance and experience that you have come to find on a console.

But yes, it does not leave anything to be desired. The game has been quite polished and perfectly made for a smartphone screen and the touch controls. You can notice the distinct Nintendo touch. Given the fact that the game does not cost you for playing it, we would advise you to try it out. If you are satisfied, okay. If not, you can always uninstall the same.

Have you played the game? If yes, we would welcome you to share your views with us so that our readers will be benefitted.

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