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Borderlands 3 news release date and Characters 2017 (Updated News)

Borderlands 3 News: Know About the New Character Scooper

Borderlands 3 news Video games have been reviving us ever since its inception and some of them have been so addictive that the players have not yet got over them. Likewise the first person shooter action role-playing video game, Borderlands has been almost ruling the gaming world ever since the first installment got launched.
Borderlands 3 news pic

And Gearbox Software came up with the second entry of Borderlands after the first installment coming out as victorious. It is very much obvious that the third entry of the game Upcoming Borderlands 3 is also going to be released. And the gamers have already become impatient for the launch of the third entry in the Borderlands 3 news series.

  • The maximum number of rumors and reports say that Borderlands 3 is going to be introduced to the fans in October 2018. Therefore, the chances are quite high for the game to be rolled out around that time. Borderlands 3 has already been surrounded by immense hype, therefore the fans are definitely talking about the speculations regarding the third game in the Borderlands 3 news series.
  • One of the know speculations and the most talked and discussed one is the introduction of a character named Scooper. Initially the players got excited about the name and their curiosity level elevated when they got an idea that Scooper is actually the son of Scooter.
  • Scooter was one of the most important characters in the Borderlands 3 news series, the fans are already aware about his death and hence his son Scooper will be seen in the third entry of the first person shooter action role-playing video game.
  • Many of them are already curious to witness the appearance of Scooper in the upcoming Borderlands game while some of them are looking out for some more information regarding Borderlands 3.

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There is another major upgrade which has been made by the game developers which is the change in planet, the previous games were set on the same planet which was Pandora. But the developers have now completely changed it as Borderland 3 gets a new planet called Promethea.
It has been pointed out that Promethea and risk go hand in hand as the situations which appear on that planet is highly dangerous and the characters might face more hardships in Promethea than Pandora. Therefore, the players would definitely get to know some more about the planet of Promethea when the game Borderlands 3 gets released.

And with a new planet as well as a character called Scooper who happens to be the son of one the most important and crucial characters of the game series, Borderlands 3 is surely going to be innovative and more engrossing than the earlier two entries.

Both the games under the Borderland series were sold in numerous units. And this time by looking at the buzz related to Borderlands 3 the upcoming game is definitely going to be sold in higher units than the previous installments.

Apart from the rumors and speculations which are already at rife, there are definitely going to be more anticipations regarding Borderlands 3 news in the coming days. However the brand new game in the series is surely going to be setting the game world by storm.

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