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 Project Soli Gestures
 Can You Imagine? If the  control options on your mobile’s, music players, microwave oven any type of gadgets can be controlled by you finger tips ( virtually). Now As expected Google is coming up with its Project, Google Project Soli Technology.


 Keep an End to your imagination!  Because the Giant Google Has made it true with its Google Project Soli, which is believed to be a Revolution. It’s Just an interaction Sensor which uses RADAR technology that can track movements.This sensor can track the minute motions and that too with high accuracy and speed.The Chip ( N27516 ) is the Chip which we are discussing and also the Future of gesture’s technology.
 Google Project Soli


RADAR( Radio Detection And Ranging) is an object-detection system which uses radio waves.  Generally, this Radar is used for detect air craft’s, for guiding missiles. Radar technology is simple where the radio waves are transmitted and they bounce back it an object is present in their path. The Object returns a tiny part of energy back to the transmitter.
Hand gestures are fixed and are inevitable for particular uses like turning knobs or push button. The mechanism involved in it is simple which will be defined it axis from either it in X, Y, Z axis. Using this grid view and axis representation the hand gestures will follow a particular sequence and an algorithm is generated for the sequence which helps in the development of software.
                                                                                                                                    Consider in the case of a knob. For turning knob, you just hold it with your index and thumb finger and rotate.The Holding plane will be taken as constant and the variable is the rotating in this case.
Now this mind blowing project is all set for it’s Journey. There is no official announcement on any release date for it. This project is really helping full  for disable people and also for the virtual world fans of Gaming.
                    Here is the Demo of Google Project Soli  team, which is the future of Google ( to be precise Our Future ).
PS: Google’s footsteps to the virtual world are fast enough and it is making it live. Earlier in Last month Google’s I/O, they announced  Project Camera 360, Google Cardboard, Google JUMP, Expeditions and know Google Soli. Google is working Real Hard to fight with their competitors.
Finally, it’s Goooooooogle all over !!!!!

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