Google I/O 2015


Now here i come….As i said in earlier post and want to come up with something and that’s the New name of this blog and the content which i share in this, that’s “GADJETGEEK”. As the name of the sub domain is difficult to find , so found these new pronunciation of gadget.

Google I/O 2015 :
                              OK, as the much  awaited event of google lands…
I/O 2015
Now here i present the top news from the event.


Sundar pichai ,  the Head of Android Google kick started the event with the introduction of developer preview of android M. It was just a launch and scheduled for Q3 for consumer release.


APP PERMISSIONS : Now app permissions made a significant one and it is a added option in the settings. with this feature now we can set  permissions for any app. It may be bit annoying for some apps, but has a great task for dealing in others.
BATTERY : This is an important aspect for every mobile. By introducing DOZE mode , where the android consumes less power by limiting it’s performance and as  Sundar stated they seen an improvement of 2 times with this in NEXUS 9.USB type C where now you  can charge your mobile faster through USB.
ANDROID PAY:  This is some what interesting. But got some nerve as they use NFC & Finger print support for it, to make it secure and perfect.
NOW ON TAP: Now there will no language like Machine language, even mobile can understand English and that to in a quite impressive way and the error for speech recognition is dropped from 23 to 8% . This will make android in more contextual approach and much more easier to search and display the results. This is my favorite one of all.


PROJECT BRILLO:  It is google’s new  Internet of things , which provides a basic platform for Internet of things which runs with the basic version of android. Google along with NEST has made this and this in collaboration with WEAVE will make it bigger. Brillo will help the interconnection of  devices through IOT. It has an expected release to developers in Q3 and weave in Q4 this year .
GOOGLE PHOTOS: Google’s interest in developing this to have a memory of  your loved ones and  your’s through out Ur life and they provided with unlimited storage of it. Also the improved version of selecting multiple  pictures and also editing tool for making collages and making a video and editing it.
FOR DEVELOPERS:  Google announced Android studio 1.3 ( which has support to C/C++) and polymer 1.0 for new material design and many more tools.
                                                                                               Android Nano degree to learn about the development of android in 6 months. A Online course to learn by paying 200$/ month, you can know about the development of android, material design and many more.
                                                                                                             HBO NOW is finally on play store.
GOOGLE MAPS: Google Maps is now offline, to reduce the data Usage and you  can utilize and find directions even in offline and by also using google Now support.
Google Card Board


VIRTUAL REALITY:  The much anticipated virtual reality (VR) and still with a piece of card board. They extended their support for 6 inch device and also New input button and three step assembly.
                 Also the JUMP and EXPEDITIONS and it is like a virtual world around you . Now you can view the experience of any place in the world to perfection and to reality.
                                                                                                                             And also which provides a tool for education. where they experimented this  with a school, by giving a Tab to teacher and other 15–20 synchronized  Box for students and the expressions in their face when they see is simply awesome.
                            Camera 360 where you  can shoot the picture with no error’s and self 3D alignment.
Android supported Car’s, where you  can connect your mobile to car and you  can view google maps or listen music.
All These devices and gadget’s and Apps, google  has developed this for IOS user’s also, to increase their market in IOS.
                                 You  can view the full streaming of I/O keynote in youtube .
                                 I/O is an expedition where Google show case their 1 yr work and promise for their future development for standard of living and increasing the usage of mobile for better life and to Enable every one to use there Technology to maximum extent.

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