Best Budget Smartphone in India to Buy Today (under $200):

Best Budget Smartphone in India to Buy Today (under $200):

Over the past few years, the best budget Smartphone in India has become popular and keeping this interest of customers in mind the Smartphone companies have launched best budget Smartphone of different models as well. Now you don’t have to invest your all savings in a single Smartphone for $700 or more or signing a contract for a couple of years to earn a Smartphone.

You can now buy Smartphone with good features on a low budget as well. These Smartphone are available in the market as low as $200, and there are lots of options available for the customers to buy, but very fewer buyers know about all of them. There are lots of good features in the Smartphone which are available in the cheap Smartphone for which you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars.

List of Best Budget Smartphone in India to buy under $200:

Finding a good Smartphone is quite easy these days but finding a low budget Smartphone in low price is not that easy. There are a lot of Smartphone available in the market in low prices which have a bad and small screen, low performance and poor battery life, many of the Smartphone are available online which are made in China.

Moto G4: (price $199)

The Moto G4 is one the cheaper Smartphone with better performance and powerful Motorola processor. The Moto G is one of the best budget Android Smartphone right from the beginning of its release. This Smartphone is available in bigger 5.5 inches full HD display, the camera is 13 megapixels, and RAM is 2 GB. The storage capacity is available in 16 and 32 GB with options of Micro SD storage card to expand your Smartphone memory. The battery life is also very good 300 mAh also has fingerprint sensor other good features as well. Now here comes the price, all of this is available at the low price of $199.

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Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3: (price $179-$199)

The Alcatel has launched many of its Smartphone in low prices but not all its Smartphone have good features, but surprisingly the Idol 3 is better than the previous ones. The Idol 4 is also a good one, but it has higher prices. Therefore, the Idol 3 is the best options regarding cheap and better Smartphone. This Smartphone has a 4.7-inch display, having quad-core processor Snapdragon 410 and 1.5 GB of RAM. The internal storage of 16GB internal storage as well as a micro-SD slot for additional storage capacity. The cameras are also excellent, Rear camera 13 megapixels and front camera 5 megapixels. The battery is a not very good and only provides 200 mAh. This Smartphone also provides the dual speakers for front and back with better sound quality. You can get all this in $179; this is also available for sale for $199.

ASUS ZenFone 3 Laser: (price $179)

ZenFone 2 has been the best budget Smartphone for a very long time, but in 2016 this company announced the Zenfone 3 which is the best budget Smartphone with the good features as well. This Smartphone is also launched on the USA; the lowest Smartphone is available in $179 which was $199 in 2016. It has a 5.5-inch screen and a 1080p display with the 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage available along with microSD slot. The camera is a plus feature of laser fast auto-focusing ability, 13 megapixels and 8 megapixels of front camera. It has a fingerprint scanner and all this in $179.

Moto E 2nd Generation: (price $80)

The Moto E is a really cheap Android Smartphone you can get if you are targeting on really low price Smartphone. The Moto E 2nd generation is really cheap with Quad-core processor and Android Lollipop with the 4.5-inch screen. The resolution is a bad feature thou; this Smartphone has dual speakers with the big screen all this just in $80. Yes, you heard it right this Smartphone is one of the best when it comes to the popular Motorola brand under $100.

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Huawei Honor 5x: (price $199-$169)

If you are looking for a Smartphone under $200 and want good features as well as a good brand like Huawei. This Smartphone is equipped with the fingerprint scanner and a beautiful design of the metallic body. It has 5.5 inches full HD display and feels like a premium phone with the Quad-core processor Snapdragon along with 2 GB RAM. It also has 16 GB of storage and good camera of rear 13 megapixels and front 5 megapixels. This Smartphone also has HD display and 3000 mAh battery all these exciting features in $199 available in Silver, White and Gold colors. This Smartphone can be found as low as $169 on sale.

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