imessage for windows pc 2017

imessage for windows PC [Personal Computer]version from 7,8,8.1,10

iMessage PC – Install iMessage for Windows on your PC

imessage for windows pc 2017

Messaging has made our life easier. iMessage is an excellent app which offers lots of amazing things to the user.iMesaage allows unlimited texting without paying a single penny. It allows sending a text message or photo or even video to the group of friends by just a single This app makes texting easier. This is a must to download the app for Windows if you want to explore the world of texting. This fantastic app has exciting features, which will give you fresh texting experience. These days messaging is the best way to communicate with friends and relatives .iMessage for windows are the best way of sharing messages, audios, and videos. You can enjoy all this on the big screen.You can easily download this fantastic iMessage app for Windows 8 and ten as well .iMessage is apple’s creating and is famous for its exciting features.It is simple was to download is a beautiful app for PC without paying a penny.Messaging has made our life easier and amazing. iMessage is an excellent app which offers lots of amazing things to the user.


Download iMessage for Windows and PC


There are two ways to download this fantastic app. Follow the below step by step guide to enjoying this fantastic application.


1st Method- Download using Chrome Remote Desktop.

Step 1- Download Mac with iMessage and one PC with windows.

Step 2-Download chrome on both systems by using Chrome

Remote Desktop link.

Step 3-Follow the instructions and enjoy the amazing iMessage on the windows computer.


Method 2: Downloading using Bluestacks iMessage for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10


iMessage app cannot e used anywhere else that iOS, but there is a trick by which you can run the app on your Windows PC.It can be done using Bluestacks.It’s called iPadian.

Step 1-Firstly download the Bluestacks Emulator.

Step 2-The exec file will run on PC; next step is to install the file.

Step 3-After the installation is complete run the file.

Step 4-Type ‘iMessage’ on the search box. You will receive the app store page, download the app and install. Enjoy the app.

Features of iMessage App

iMessage on PC is undoubtedly very popular among the Apple users.Now, the best part is that the Windows users can also avail the wonderful benefits of this amazing app. This app has eye-catching feature which has gained a lot of popularity

1.It allows the users to share text messages, images and videos as well.

2.It has no limits; the user can enjoy unlimited benefits.

3.In today’s time, group chat is very famous among youngsters. This amazing app allows group chat option. We can chat with all our friends and family simultaneously.

4.This app has an incredible speed of transferring the messages, and because of this fantastic feature, this app is called as an instant messaging application.

5.It provides notification whether the message that you have sent is successfully delivered or not.

6.The best part is that it has a feature which shows the other person is typing or not. N number of images and videos can be transferred without any hassle.

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