Xamarin vs Ionic Comparison For Mobile App Development Company

Xamarin vs Ionic

A mobile app framework is what you would need if you are an app developer. Choosing a perfect app development framework may not be an easy task. We have a considerably good list of frameworks you can put to an effective usage. A couple of the most popular frameworks have been Xamarin, Iconic, relative and Cordova. Let us compare the two best options you have – Xamarin vs Ionic

xamarin vs ionic
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Comparison of Iconic and Xamarin – Which one is better?

Xamarin and Iconic are quite able performers in their own right. Iconic comes under the Hybrid HTML mode of app development frameworks, while Xamarin a popular Cross-Platform Native Framework.

An HTML framework uses web technologies like CSS, HTML, and Javascript. A Cross-Platform Native Framework uses one of the programming languages to provide good results across multiple platforms.

The detailed listing below offers you a clear understanding of the differences and similarities between Xamarin and Iconic. We will be covering the topic under different heads in the following paragraphs.

Cost and Pricing

From the cost point of view, Iconic should be the best choice you can go with. The sole reason why we recommend it is the free nature of the software. In addition to the services that it offers, you will also get access to Iconic Cloud Services.

However, Xamarin has now been acquired by Microsoft and has been made available for free.  That makes it either of the two frameworks equivalent from expenses point of view.


Ease of Use

In terms of functionality and usage options, both Xamarin and Iconic have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Iconic along with Ripple Emulator has been known to have a faster development speeds. Creating a code and checking it out on Xamarin takes a couple of seconds, while Iconic presents you the results within a couple of minutes. Xamarin takes a while for testing and debugging the codes and as such would need you to be patient enough.

Iconic framework is known to need your user account for a proper functionality, Xamarin does not need such prerequisites. However, if the user experience is your major concern, it would be advisable to check out Xamarin as it provides a good user interface and ease of functionality than Iconic.



From the maintenance perspective, Xamarin is known to provide frequent and regular updates to the API as and when the new devices and features are introduced. Iconic differs in that direction. You may need to keep waiting for the Iconic community to develop the API to suit the new device features. If you are in a hurry, you may need to create the API yourself. It may not be a good option from the time and money point of view.


If you are looking for abetter quality of applications, we would definitely vote for Xamarin. Iconic would be a little average in your user experience. That is primarily because of web technologies in a hybrid application.

Some of the practical uses of the native applications like Xamarin. What makes it a good option is

  • The apps load 25 percent faster than the Hybrid
  • They tend to use 75 percent less CPU power.
  • Native apps use 50 percent lesser memory than their hybrid HTML counterparts.

Usability with Complex Projects

If you are into complex projects, we would recommend using Xamarin as it would help you get better long-term results. In fact, you would be able to use it and maintain it for better.

On the other hand, complex apps with multiple lines of codes may not work comfortably with Iconic. Even the maintenance would be tougher.

Xamarin works better with.Net frameworks. That makes it a good option to handle with Microsoft. Iconic works only on Javascript and thus does not support complex algorithms like #C or  .Net.


What would make the winner among the two?

Well, we may not be able to point the best among the two because everything will depend upon the requirements that you may have. As we have already listed out in the paragraphs above, there are several advantages and disadvantages associated with both Xamarin and Iconic.

You may need to go through a host of issues and factors before finalizing on the choice of the best app development framework for your requirements. It will entirely be dependent upon the circumstances which may differ for each of them.

I hope you like the information on Xamarin vs Ionic Comparison 

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