Difference between pram and stroller

Difference between pram and stroller 2017 in detail Specification

Difference between pram and stroller 2017

Baby is a welcome addition to any family. As the baby grows up, you will need her to learn walking and support herself. Prams and Strollers are the two means of transporting the baby. But, are they different from each other? If yes, What is the Difference between pram and stroller?

Difference between pram and stroller

Prams and Strollers – What are They?

A pram is a short form for the word Perambulator. It is a wheeled carrier for baby. It is so designed so that the baby can sleep in it if needed.

The Prams come with soft bottoms so that the baby can sleep in a horizontal position while you can carry the baby around. There is also a canopy wider enough to protect the baby from dust and heat. The canopy is completely adjustable.

Strollers, in contrast, let the kid sit upright. The baby carriage is called Buggy in some regions. There are several means of protecting your baby stay in the sitting position in the form of harness, safety belts, and crotch straps. The Strollers can be perfect for those kids who have learned to sit. Just like Prams, the Stroller too comes with a canopy that can be pulled to protect the baby from heat and sun.

How do they differ From Each Other?

Well, the basic difference between the two would already be clear to our readers from the definitions and explanations we provided in the above paragraphs. However, to present you a clear understanding of the differences between the two, we will explain the differences in a detailed manner.

The Prams and Strollers can be used interchangeably in most cases.  However, they come with a few inherent differences.  Prams are meant for newborn babies.  Strollers are used for the babies who have learned to sit. One of the features that differentiate prams from strollers lies in their weight. Prams tend to be a little heavier compared to the Strollers. T may not be suitable for carrying your babies through a longer distance.

The following listing can help you in understanding the major differences between the Prams and Strollers –


  • Prams are best suited for newborn babies and infants.
  • The carriage is also known as Baby Carriage.
  • There are no harness or other safety arrangements.
  • Baby needs to be in the lying position all the time.
  • Portability can be an issue. Prams may not be suitable for longer distances.
  • The prams can be quite heavy and bulky. Thus they can be a concern go carry around.
  • The ground clearance is quite too high.


  • The Strollers are best meant for those kids who can sit upright. If your kid has not yet learned how to sit, you may not be able to use Strollers.
  • The carriage can look like a chair placed on wheels.
  • The Strollers are also alternatively called Pushchair and Buggy in some regions.
  • They are one of the safest means of carrying your baby around. Strollers come with a host of safety options built within the carriage. Harnesses, safety belts, and crotch straps are some of the thoughtful additions that make your baby safe on a Stroller.
  • Strollers tend to be lightweight compared to the prams. That would make them more portable.
  • The modern strollers come with an adjustable design as well. You can even collapse a stroller so that they can be easy to
  • The ground clearance is quite lower.

The Concluding Thoughts

Prams and Strollers are just the couples of ways you can use to transport the baby. Most of the new parents are confused on which one to opt for – whether prams or strollers. We have made an attempt to make them understand the underlying differences between the two through the discussion we have had above.

Which one would you choose should be dependent on the needs you may have with respect to the traveling conditions and the age of your baby. Of late we have been witnessing some sort of an amalgamation of the two in the form of Hybrids Baby Carriages. They will offer you the benefits of both a pram and a stroller. Buying them would be a more practical decision as you need not buy a new carriage as your baby gets older. In any case, keep the child comfortability as the most important prerequisite when buying a baby carriage.

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