betternet vpn review with Features of betternet vpn

Betternet VPN review 2017 with What is Betternet VPN ?

Betternet VPN review

betternet vpn review of the year

VPN Services are an excellent way to protect your online credentials and your online activity. Here I  go with betternet vpn review However, most of the VPN services are not free. They may provide you trial offers for a limited period. For those users who are concerned with their budget, a free VPN service can be a real boon. Betternet VPN is one such VPN service that offers its features for free.
Well, please note that the tool may not be a good choice for the users who have a better experience with the VPN services. The tool is best suited for those who want the VPN service for occasional instances.  Of course, the service offers the paid regular service as well at par with the competing VPN services. We will find more details about the Betternet VPN services.

What is Betternet VPN?

Betternent VPN has been one of top VPN service providers with over 38 million users globally. The best part of the Betternet VPN is it offers a free service model quite different from the other similar services.

Betternet is one of the top choices for the users who opt for simplicity in the usage of the service. It offers an excellent speed of performance. However, if you opt for the free option, you will be forced with the ads.

Why betternet vpn review because of My Favorite Reader

Betternet VPN service is available for Android, iOS and Windows operating systems. However, you can use the browser extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox. That would mean if you are on Linux – you will not get Betternet for the operating system but can use it as a browser extension on Chrome or Firefox.

How does Betternet VPN work?

betternet vpn review What is betternet vpn

Betternet works with a one-click functionality. As soon as you install the application, all the traffic will be routed through the encrypted tunnel.

Betternet VPN ensures the best in class data protection services. It helps you against any hacking or snooping attempts on your privacy. It can also bypass the geological restrictions on some of the services like BBC iPlayer and Netflix among others. You are completely protected against the banking scams by safeguarding your online banking accounts against the hacking attempts.

Special Features of the Betternet VPN

betternet vpn review with Features of betternet vpn

One of the reasons that Betternet VPN has been popular is because of the free service it provides. However, most of the extra features explained here apply to the premium version of the VPN service.

  • Multiple Connections – One of the features you would look forward to in a VPN service is its ability to connect with multiple devices. If you are using it with its free version, you can install it on as many devices as you would want to.
  • Server Capacity – This is the factor you would look forward to when you choose a VPN solution. Betternet, sadly enough, does not provide any information with respect to the number of servers it has. However, it offers you only two options to choose from. We would guess they may be having less than 50 servers and gives you an option to choose only one among the two.
  • Data logs – Betternet states in its privacy policy that it does not store any of your data. Given the fact that most of the VPN services indulge in data logging, it can be a good sign.
  • Unlimited bandwidth – Betternet ensures that you do not get any restrictions as long as your bandwidth is concerned. You will be getting unlimited data bandwidth.

Pricing and Plans with Betternet VPN Review

Betternet VPN is basically a free VPN service. The service offers a permanent free service that will not need you pay any money. Web site emphasizes the open nature of their product, but there is no mention of any Premium plans.

Some users and their accounts of explanation of the usage statistics reveal that there are premium plans being offered. However, since the official website does not offer any information on the pricing of any such premium plans, we may not be able to make any sound claims on any such plans.


Betternet is a free VPN service, and you may be skeptical about the customer support. Let us check how it fares in that regard.

A 24 x 7 service is a must for such technology products. You should be able to get your queries answered round the clock. The website does make any mention of any such service. We assume that Betternet does not have a 24 x 7 service. There is no live chat support either. Live chat support ensures that you get instant solutions to your issues.

Betternet provides email service for registering your complaints. Email service offers faster responses. The minimum service response time generally observed is 4 hours.

Is Betternet VPN safe?

Betternet VPN uses OpenVPN with AES 256bit & IPSec with AES-CBC 128bit encryption protocols. Your online activities and data are secure with these protocols.

DNS leak tests conducted by different testing centers have shown that there are no DNS leaks of any sort. However, the service collects some of your personal information. It claims that the data so collected is only used for service delivery.

Being a free service, Betternet VPN comes with frequent ads to remain a profitable proposition. It may also share your information with its third party associates to provide relevant ads. This would mean your personal data can also be used partners and third party ad providers of Betternet.

The Concluding Thoughts

Betternet VPN is indeed one of the latest entrants in the Virtual Private Network arena. It performs the way it claims to, but still, it does leave a lot to be desired. However, there are huge scopes for improvement. The major concern is the number of servers that the service has on offer. It needs to offer more choice in choosing a server. There are some issues with respect to the privacy. Privacy policy needs to be improved.

As for other features, Betternet VPN offers services at par with the competing services. If you are someone who is budget concerned and do not mind compromising privacy to some extent, Betternet can be a good choice.

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