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Best trading app for beginners 2017 to make Trading easy for Beginners

Best trading app for beginners 2017

Trading is one of the most difficult learning opportunities that an investor has. You may need to keep yourself updated with the latest trends on several stock markets. Some of the markets you need to keep yourself abreast are NSE, BSE, NASDAQ, and NIFTY among others. Keeping yourself updated with the latest trends in the stock markets can be an easy task with apps that are meant specifically for the purpose. We will list out some such good apps for the benefit of our readers. Let us go through the list of Best Trading Apps for Beginners in the following paragraphs.

Best trading app for beginners picture

Top 5 Trading Apps for Beginners

If you are someone who has entered into the stock market, we would advise you to check out a few good apps that can update you about the latest trends. Though the list cannot be termed exhaustive, we assume that our list will be helpful for the beginners.

#1. Money Control

trading app Money Control

MoneyControl is one of the well-known trading apps in India. Coming from the house of Network 18, which is a huge name in the TV broadcasting arena. The app gets its data from the official website

The MoneyControl app lets you have the status of the stock markets across the globe. However, the major focus is on the Indian users. The app is available both in English and Hindi, thus making itself a great option for those who do not have a knowledge of English.

In addition to the stock market updates, the app also lets you watch the business news channels from the group via CNBC TV18, CNBC Prime, and CNBC Aawaaz. Download it on your iPhone or Android device from respective app stores and stay updated.

#2. Google Finance

Who can be a better provider of relevant information than the search engine giant? Yes, indeed – the Google Finance app is an excellent choice for your needs of your information in trading circuits.

The app boasts of millions of downloads. The finance app from Google can sync seamlessly with your profile. That would make it come up with most relevant results. You can be assured of the most relevant stock and trading updates. Moreover, the app can also fetch the information about the companies of your choice.

The app is maintained and operated by Google, and that in itself should be a perfect reason for its authenticity. You can have access to the app from


#3. Yahoo Finance

Best trading app for beginners Yahoo

Yahoo, as we are aware of, is yet another search engine firm that is not much far behind when compared to Google. The Finance app from Yahoo has promising features.

Yahoo Finance is quite similar to Google Finance app. You can get real-time updates about the prominent companies. The app offers you updates on the latest trends of major national and international stock markets. Some of the markets supported include BSE, NSE, and NIFTY among other popular ones.

Yahoo Finance lets you choose your country while setting it up. That would make it one of the excellent apps to get customized results. The UI is quite simple and easy to understand. That in itself would make it one of the best options for the beginners. The app has some rare reviews from satisfied users. Get it from

#4. BSE India

BSEIndia Trading App

As the name itself should indicate, this is the official app coming from the BSE. That would make it one of the best choices while checking the trending updates from the BSE.

In case you are looking forward to the complete information on the BSE index and the real-time updates on the status of the stocks, we would recommend BSE India app to you. The updates on the app here arrive straight from the BSE Headquarters in Mumbai. The app will also offer you the real-time updates in the form of graphs.

The app also offers you information about the corporates and other small or medium companies. BSE India is available in multiple languages. The app is available across multiple platforms, and you can access the version suitable for your operating system from the link


#5. Stock Watch

The app is the best source for getting updates from BSE and NSE. In addition to keeping you updated with the latest trends in the stock markets, the app also offers you real-time updates on stocks.

You can be assured of accurate information on this application. The tool lets you have all the information about the stocks in your portfolio. The app is regularly updated. The latest version has some exciting features like widgets and forex data. Stock Watch is a considerably lighter app, and you can be assured of better battery optimization. The app also offers you expert views on different stocks, thereby helping you take wise decisions.

The app is available both on Android and iOS, and you can download the app from the respective app stores.

The Concluding Thoughts

Those were a few excellent trading apps that would help you take wiser express guided decisions about the intricacies of the trading with the aid of these apps.  We do not claim that the list is exhaustive. However, the apps we have featured herein should be quite helpful for the beginners.

Have you used any of the apps we have discussed in the above paragraphs? If you have used any of them, we would advise you to share your views and opinions with us. If you think we have missed any of the apps that are worthy of being in the top five list, why not come with your feedback? Your feedback will be more than helpful for us in letting our readers have a better understanding of the trading apps and their usability.

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