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10 best foosball apps for Android and Apple with detail information

10 best foosball apps for Android and Apple

Android and iOS users who love foosball I have prepared a list of 10 foosball apps for your devices. If you want to enjoy a good foosball match on your Smartphone, check out my list and you will find the app you will like, no matter whether you are an Android or Apple lover.Let see one by one the best foosball apps for Android and Apple

1.Foosball Cup World by Ludus Studio

10 best foosball apps for Android

This app seems to me that it is the app with the best options on the market. The icon of the game looks better than the rest of the games and I can assure you the entire game has graphics better than the rest of the games on this list. The game is made by the Ludus Studio and this isn’t the only foosball game they made.

When you enter the game you can choose the team to play with and you can choose that from 51 national teams. There are two game modes in the beginning, but the more you play the game the more modes you can unlock.

First, you can play Quick Match and Challenges and you can choose the table, the table size, the players, the ball, almost everything, but you have to unlock it first. This is the game which will make you feel like you are playing the real mini foosball table.

2.Foosball Cup by Ludus Studio

Another foosball game app from Ludus Studio is the Foosball Cup. It is not as good as their app we have already mentioned but it is still pretty impressive. The app is a little chaotic when you open it because it doesn’t have a menu, everything is listed on it.

You have so many options to choose from, you can choose the team, the game mode, the table size, the difficulty the foosball layout, pretty much everything. The match itself is cool because the ball acts naturally and you have to spin the rods, not just touch them.

3.Let’s Foosball Free – Table Football by Nieo Tech Co., Ltd

 Table Football by Nieo Tech Co., Ltd

This is the best app for iOS devices on this list, although there are only two iOS apps on it. It offers so many options, you can choose the difficulty, the color of your uniform, the camera view (which I haven’t seen in any other app) and the game is pretty smooth. The ball flies on the field and the players are really easy to control. It was a joy playing this game.

4.Foosball by White Collar Games

10 best foosball apps

This app is actually called the Foosball 2013, but I prefer the Foosball name. On the main menu you can choose the game mode and when you enter the mode, you can choose other things like the difficulty, the foosball layout, the duration of the game the color of your team and other things. During the match, you can hear the crowd cheer and move the players you have to move the rods on the screen.

  1. Foosball by Illusion Labs

    best foosball apps for Android and Apple

Illusion Labs did an OK job with this app for iOS devices, but I am not really impressed with it. It looks like it is made for kids or rookies because you can’t change many things and rookies won’t mind that. You can choose the difficulty so you can improve your skills with the game, but that is pretty much all.

  1. Foosball by NAVU App

NAVU has made a pretty impressive application which looks different from the rest of the apps. It is made like a cartoon and everything is in blue and red.

10 best foosball apps for Android and Apple

The main menu has only two icons and that is to choose the game mode and that is pretty much the only thing you can choose. So, not so many options but sometimes they aren’t needed. I don’t like the fact that you use arrows on the screen to control the players, you don’t touch the rods.

  1. Foosball 3D by Azanf

Another pretty simple game without so many options is Foosball 3D. You can choose how many players will play the match on the main menu and the match starts. Here, you can’t even choose the color of your team.

I felt rather clumsy when I played this game and I have experienced dead balls so it won’t be my first recommendation for a foosball game. Maybe for rookies.

  1. Foosball table by Mehrgan

Honestly, this app looks like a school project. It doesn’t have a real menu but it has some kind of menu, I am not sure how to call it. You can choose two options, to change the color of your uniform between red, green, yellow and blue and you can choose how many goals should one team score to win (3 or 5). Also, this game can only be played between you and the CPU, because this app doesn’t have the 2nd player option.

  1. Foosball World Cup by MonteroBros

The design itself looks pretty average it is not anything spectacular. When you open the main menu you can choose whether you want to play a single match or world cup and you can change difficulty. You can choose the team out of about 12 national teams which is OK.

The player control is extremely simple you only have to move one of the players left or right and they will move altogether. Now, here is one interesting thing. The game doesn’t have rods so they look like football players, not foosball players.

  1. Table Football, Soccer 3D

The game is extremely simple, the design looks like the game is made in Minecraft, except the ball. You can’t choose much in the game, you can choose the number of players, the difficulty and how many goals should one team score to win.

I really don’t like the fact that the app is filled with commercials. I know it is a free app and they have commercials, but this one has them too many. After every match you will have to wait few seconds for commercial to be over and that can be frustrating.

I hope you Got All the information about  the best foosball apps for Android and Apple

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