Top 5 Android app for bloggers Specially for all my Bloggers Friend


Android app for bloggers 

We bloggers maximum time sitting in front of your computer and we all work around more than 12hrs. in a day. Sometimes we get bored. What’s the solution? The solution is in this article.

Are you a blogger and as well as an android user? So you can get out from your bored life. Android introduce some awesome applications exclusively for bloggers. From writing content to sharing it you can get all kind of apps from Google Play store. So, no need to sit in front your Laptop. Install the necessary apps to manage your blogging life.

Google Drive


Google drive android app for bloggers

It’s a product of Google. You can install Google Drive in your Android Smartphone and enjoy the same facility as you get for your laptop or desktop. You can save your document like excel files word doc. PDF etc. on Google Drive and work on them whilst you watch your favorite T.V. serials and movies.

I use Google doc. for drafting content. So I am worried about time killing while I am not in front of my laptop. I save all of the important document on Google Drive and anytime I can edit them or download if required.

WordPress and Blogspot

Wordpress App for bloggers


Where are you managing your blog or which platform are you using to explore your blog? 80% people say WordPress, 15% will say Blogspot or blogger and other 5% bloggers use other platforms.

Previously I run my blog on Blogspot and 1year of starting my blogging career the shift to WordPress. I will tell you why I took this decision later. But today I will give a good news! If you are an Android user, then you can manage your blog from your Smartphone or tab. WordPress offers you android apps for it. So install it on your device and enjoy the blogging without a laptop. J

Blogspot is a Google product. You can also find Android App for this. So if you are a Blogspot user you can also get the facility to manage your blog through the app.

Plagiarism Checker

Is your content error free? You can find different tools online to check your content. From Android device, you also get the same facility. Plagiarism Checker offers you app. So check your content with this app from your device, no need to open your laptop or desktop.

Social Media Apps

After publishing a content on our blog, we promote it on different social media platforms. It is our primary work. You writing, checking and publishing a content through your Android Smartphone. But how you promote it through your device? Are you going to open your computer? No way! You can find different Social Media apps on Google Play store. Install them and enjoy the promoting.

Google Analytics and Adsense

Aaj ka rashifal google analytics



Now time to measure your blog traffic and your earning. Don’t worry you can also do it from your Smartphone. Google offers two major apps Analytics and Adsense for Android users. So never get hesitated to install these apps.

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Final Words

You can control your blogging life with these apps. If you find this article useful please share your feedback.


  1. I love analytics, wordpress and blogger apps. They give you freedom to write post where ever you are. Analytics also helps to monitor traffic on the go.

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