android apps for bloggers 2017

Top 7 Android Apps made for Bloggers and Digital Marketers

Android Apps for Bloggers

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Hello, this time to know about the best android apps for bloggers so read and analysis and give me some suggestion too .Blogging has always been about being clear to your aspects and expressing yourself and sharing what you learn. Applications found on Google play stores have been proved to be successful for the people connected with any field.

As such, for bloggers, there are the bunch of different kinds of applications which may be very useful to them. As you know, this is smartphone age where all the enduring work is expected to be accomplished using smartphones.

So, blogger too performs their lots of activities on their smartphones rather than struggling on PC or laptop. There is all kind of applications made to perform different tasks.

Which applications I shall include in my post today..?

Well, there are some pre-existed apps or which google provides us like Gmail, Hangout or like. Apart from this, there are other applications which i will mention today.

Here are some of the list of best android apps for bloggers


android apps for bloggers 2017

WordPress is doubtlessly the choice of today and when it comes to an application it gives an opportunity to keep your time productive. You are allowed to perform many essential tasks very easily with the help of this app such as creating, editing, publishing blog posts. Even moderating comments become easier. With this, you can perform all the data analysis tasks and upload images clicked through your phones with ease.


android apps for bloggers 2016

Many bloggers are indulged in using blogger. This is a google official application to use the its blogging platform. By installing this application on your smart device you get the access to easy sign-up, creating new articles, editing the existing one, adding media files to your articles and publish the article from everywhere.

Viewing Website stats becomes quick as you can access it anytime anywhere. As well as you can share the post on Google+. You can manage multiple blogs made with an email at the same time as it will provide you a dropdown of your various sites thus enabling you to switch any you like for the time being.


HootSuite is an interesting application which allows one to manage multiple social media accounts at a single place. It is like many victims of an arrow. It is just like a social media management tool. This application saves your precious time and makes it much more productive.


Photoshop for mobile is a very interesting android application. Wherever there is need of little bit editing of any picture it works very fine. With this app, you can crop, edit, and resize your photos as well as add effects, texts, and drawings on to it.


Disqus is an add-on tool for the sites which enhances engagement over it. Disqus has also its android application. For any good website owner, response time is very crucial and this application makes easier to moderate comments and give the response to it.

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Whenever we are free, there come some ideas automatically in our mind and we need to hold that. Evernote application allows you to save your text. You can capture an image. Creating to-do-list, recording an audio clip makes this application very nice. With Evernote, you don’t need to bother about losing your sudden ideas and imaginations.

Google Analytics


 best android apps for bloggers For most of the bloggers, Google analytics plays a significant role. This allows them to check the amount of traffic they are receiving, from which post and from which source. Google it official launch of Analytics application entitles the users to investigate, access essential data at any time.

Hope you all like the article on best android apps for bloggers

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