The Beginning……


Hi, Everyone. This is my First post. So  let start with my introduction. Am a Student who is pursuing my BE degree in Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of  Technology. So as of my Boriiiinnnggg  engineering life , I thought of starting anything new or interesting kind of thing apart of studies. so i started this blog which is related to my current study stream .Things Related to Gadgets and Technology are more often things I will Share.

                                                                                             So i use this platform to give my views and also share and learn something new . So am novice to this thing, it  can take sometime for me to get used to this things. But am a quick learner and Hope to do it. If  your  interested to follow me on any social networking site  and can ping me any time. All the contact details are provided in  contact us space.
             As this is my First post just i shared my details. The articles i share here are as i said related to my study stream and  details of that you can know by next post ( actually i haven’t decided any ) . And one more thing by English can be bit annoying or you can find any grammatical mistakes , you can raise that and can question always in comments.
                                                                                    As am in shortage of content so am writing this Hope you will enjoy this one …..


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