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This article might be a different one from all of the other articles, as many of them asking about how to blog and where to start and how to start. So I decided to give an explanation and details about how I stepped into this field and maintain this blog.Now let’s start this as am telling this assuming that you have zero knowledge in a blog.

Blog Hosting

When you start a blog directly, you can’t do it. You want a blog hosting service. This blog hosting is like you will write your blog in their platform like in my experience it’s Blog spot ( Blogger). Many of them are there apart from this like Word Press, Tumbler etc, but I recommend Blogger as your first of this.
Now let’s start this first you have to own a Gmail account  and I think everyone has one, if not you create one  Here. After creating this then open your Gmail account, you can find icon like this highlighted one in the below pic. When you click this 9 dot icon you will see a bar opened and if you can’t find this Blogger icon then click More options then you can find it there.
Blogger by Gmail
When you click that you will see that it’ll open in a separate tab. Now you will see  NEW BLOG icon in that newly opened tab. Then you will see a Dialog box and Title is the Name of your Blog( which should be related to articles you write ) and Address is the domain name of your Blog( see that it is available )and Template is the design and Theme your Blog and don’t worry this all are editable you can change it and after filling it click create Blog.
Now that’s it your blog is created and enjoy blogging over it. Now before starting you should know a couple of elements over here. This is like your Home page and you should be getting used to it in no time. VIEW BLOG is where you can see your blog like how other’s see’s it.
  • New post – When you want to write a new article.
  • Pages – The pages which you will see like About me, contact us, privacy pages.
  • Comments – When anyone comments on your article, you can see here.
  • Stats – Where you can see the number of views, traffic, source, audience etc.
  • Earnings – Let’s keep this option out of our way because it’ll not be in the active state unless you complete 6 months of your blogging.
  • Campaigns – Here when are too rich and want to spend some bucks on your blog go with this and you can start your ad words campaign.
  • Layout- It is the structure of your blog and all the widgets and gadgets, where you want them to see.
  • Template – Design of your blog, you can select from the given default one’s or you can use others by Uploading XML file in Backup/ restore option.
  • Settings – the basic and privacy settings and other options which later you can understand by gaining experience.
And that’s it you have created your own blog and now it’s your own blog. Start blogging from here and write your articles.
With this your life may be just going but if you want to be serious about that and earn money from blog then take diversion  and be serious about this and now we will get into how we can earn from this Blog.


Now this domain name ( will be cool but you should shift from this and add a custom domain to your blog like (, you can but a custom Domain from registrar which will charge you some bucks depends on which registrar you will use. ( I have used Go daddy which I bought this domain for 112 Rs ( includes tax)  for the first year and then after first year this will cost 600-770 per year ). I recommend buying this domain and give a professional look to your blog and redirect to your present Blog spot domain ( how to do that is quite a hectic process you can google it and if you find difficulties in that then comment it I will help you ).
If you are new bee just avoid this section for now and focus on writing articles and gaining Audience and traffic. Skip this section for now, After you can some knowledge about the blog you can return back and have a look at this section.
Before stepping into how you earn just know about these terms Ad sense, revenue, impressions, clicks. Ad sense is a Google supported advertising network when Ad-sense approves your blog then you can keep ad’s in your blog and you will earn from it.


Ad sense
 This is most powerful and reliable advertising network and many of the website holder’s, the blogger will be dreaming of  it and will make revenue from it. Now as growing number of websites every day, so google has made this Approval process not simple as that, but nothing is hard to crack it. By following simple steps and safety precautions, you can also use Ad sense to your blog. Before applying ad sense, there will be some conditions which you need to keep in your mind.
  • Your blog should contain enough contain that Google Ad sense team can value it. ( some 15–20+ articles of 400–600  average word length ).
  • Don’t write articles criticizing Google or on  how to download youtube videos, tips, tricks for hacking or any adult content related articles.
  • Make sure there are no grammar or Spelling mistakes in your blog.
  • Include About me, contacts us, privacy page ( you can use online privacy generator Tools ).
  • Use simple template doesn’t make it complete it should be simple and elegant.
  • Add Google analytics to your blog.
  • Some say that your blog should be 6 months old for applying for ad sense, rather than that you focus on how to bring more traffic as google want blogs which have potential traffic and avoid paid traffic.
Now after completing this process apply to google ad sense with your Gmail account then ad sense team will send you an email verifying some basic features and they’ll allow you to keep their ad’s but ad’s will not show up unless you get confirmation email which will take up to 2–3 days and sometimes weeks. Once you get approval you are good to go but don’t violate Google Ad sense Policy violations at any time as they can terminate your account any time.
If your Ad-sense is rejected don’t be sad it’s not the end of the world, take google suggestions into the count and add some more content and re-apply after 15-20 days. If you are fed up with this then you can use alternative Advertising Network like Info links, Revenue Hits, Chitika, Clicks or.


increase Traffic
This will be common to all new bee bloggers that how to get potential traffic to your blog and increase your Alexa rank.
  • Help people to solve their queries by providing a solution  in Forums or communities by linking it with your articles in the blog.
  • Comment on other popular blogs and website’s, comments should be relevant.
  • Publicize in Social networking sites which will gain more Audience.
  • Create accounts in Stumble, Tumbler, LinkedIn and other blog share site’s.
  • Write quality content as above may be draw traffic you only once or thrice  it’s your content which will make them permanent.
If you want to learn the a to z from selecting your Niche to ad sense approval and generating revenue from it. Here is the Book for beginner’s which includes all the topic clearly.
  • If anyone want to buy this Book you can have a look over it before buying  Click Here! and you can buy this by scrolling down and you will find option Add to cart.
Finally, it’s you who should finding your ways and learn from your mistakes and experiences. Hope this will help you. For any queries comment and I’ll help you to solve your queries.


  1. Hi Pranay, Iam very new to blogging and this article of you have given some motivation & confidence for me and I will be taking each step in building the blog carefully then.

  2. Good discussion you done. Today only though Adsense is not the only source of income , there are many alternatives has came to this field if somebody is not able to get approved from Adsense.
    Thanks for your post.

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