This will be common to all new bee bloggers that how to get potential traffic to your blog and increase your Alexa rank.
  • Help people to solve their queries by providing a solution  in Forums or communities by linking it with your articles in the blog.
  • Comment on other popular blogs and website’s, comments should be relevant.
  • Publicize in Social networking sites which will gain more Audience.
  • Create accounts in Stumble, Tumbler, LinkedIn and other blog share site’s.
  • Write quality content as above may be draw traffic you only once or thrice  it’s your content which will make them permanent.
If you want to learn the a to z from selecting your Niche to ad sense approval and generating revenue from it. Here is the Book for beginner’s which includes all the topic clearly.
  • If anyone want to buy this Book you can have a look over it before buying  Click Here! and you can buy this by scrolling down and you will find option Add to cart.
Finally, it’s you who should finding your ways and learn from your mistakes and experiences. Hope this will help you. For any queries comment and I’ll help you to solve your queries.


  1. Hi Pranay, Iam very new to blogging and this article of you have given some motivation & confidence for me and I will be taking each step in building the blog carefully then.

  2. Good discussion you done. Today only though Adsense is not the only source of income , there are many alternatives has came to this field if somebody is not able to get approved from Adsense.
    Thanks for your post.

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