How to unlock iPhone 7 for free 2017

How to unlock iPhone 7 for free and iPhone 7 plus 2017 {updated}

How to unlock iPhone 7 for free 2017

We all know how expensive i Phones are. Although, despite their pricey tags, a lot of people still line-up at the Apple store whenever a new iPhone model is being released. This only shows how great the features and functionalities of the iPhone is. Now Check out the Article on How to unlock iPhone 7 for free

How to unlock iPhone 7 for free 2017

If you are planning on getting the latest iPhone but don’t have enough money to buy it straight-up, then you can sign-up for a contract with your local carrier for the smartphone. A contract phone means that you will have the iPhone of your choice along with the company’s fixed regular fees. These fees include your data allowance, messaging and calling limits and roaming policies in case you go abroad. It also will lock your phone solely to the carrier company. There are mainly 3 types of phone lock which are briefly explained below;

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  • Country lock – this means that your iPhone will only be usable within the country. Even if you use another sim abroad, it will still not function.
  • Network lock – lock that means that the phone will only read the carrier network’s SIM.
  • Subscriber lock – the most restrictive lock, it will restrict your iPhone to only 1 SIM card which is also the carrier network’s SIM.

You see, phone locks are designed to limit the user to only the carrier’s network. This means that you will only get to use their services, features, and promos. Furthermore, depending on your contract, you will only get to enjoy certain benefits. So, despite having the latest iPhone, you will still not be able to maximize its functions and features if it is being locked. Thankfully, with the innovations of technology and the help of specialists and experts, unlocking your iPhones are now possible. So you can still maximize the iPhone despite being under contract.

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How to unlock iPhone 7 Follow the Tips

  1. Software unlocking

This was the first method of unlocking an iPhone ever since the iPhone 3 was released. It involves tweaking the software of your iPhone 7 by taking advantage of a loophole in the system. However, today, because Apple has been constantly on guard against system attacks and loopholes, finding and taking advantage of a loophole in your iPhone 7 might be close to impossible.

  1. Hardware Unlocking

Another method that came out was hardware unlocking, this involves dismantling your iPhone which will inevitably void your iPhone’s warranty. If you don’t want to void your warranty then we strongly suggest you to avoid this kind of approach.

  1. IMEI Unlock

The safest and most effective unlocking method for iPhone 7 today is the IMEI unlock. IMEI is the code stored in the Apple database for identification of their iPhones. A code contains the color, serial code, build number, date of manufacturing, location and other information. Usually, when carriers order their iPhones from Apple, they ask for the iPhones to be locked under their network. Thus, to unlock your iPhone 7, you will have to ask for an expert or specialist to change the status of your iPhone 7 from being “locked” to being unlocked by accessing your IMEI code.

  1. Ask your carrier network to unlock your phone

A method which involves a lot of money and negotiations. If you can pay your remaining contract plus some service fee, then the company will unlock your iPhone for you. However, the chances of this is low, not to mention the huge cost you will have to shoulder. This is because the company will lose their regular fees from you, so they would do everything to prevent you from unlocking your phone.

  1. Sell your locked iPhone

There will always be those people that will not care or too excited to get an iPhone that they will still consider buying a locked iPhone. If you have great sales talk, then you might be able to sell your iPhone and buy an unlocked one for you.

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