Nano Form

Data Storage has been a problem over the year’s. Although there’s been an improvement every now and then to increase the storage space and size in which they are stored.But there has been no improvement in the safety for this storage devices. These Storage Devices have pro’s and con’s to it.

  • Compact Disc (CD) – Data is stored in this disk. Movies, PC games still use this type of disc’s. Major Problem to this is it’s Vulnerable to lose Data by even a single scratch on the surface and it need protection.
  • Pen Drive   – This are improved version and they are erasable and easy to carry and will come  in different shapes and access through faster speed. But data  is forever gone if it’s  Lost or Dropped in  Water Or Burned in Fire.

Now other than this cloud storage’s and drive’s, those who want to store their beautiful moments  and love to watch them in big screens, Fahrenheit 2451 presents you with a device in which you store you data for eternity. But that’s not that the point to  emphasize on but the point is nothing can destroy this. It’s Fire resistant, waterproof, Scratch, temperature and Chemical Resistant.


NanoForm is a tiny Laser engraved disc of sapphire, which will keep your data through time and can store the data in a form of pictures it may be photos of your loved ones, marriage, anniversary, Certificates etc.It’s made of synthetic Sapphire which is the second hardest material after diamond.It passed through all kinds of test’s and can withstand up to 2451 F and  survive drilling and any Hot materials( which also includes Hot Lava) and will come in any shape it may be in a circular disc or in a shape of Locket etc.

Different Devices


They Quote this as the storage device for eternity. Basically, the documents or pics which you want to store are shrunk 30,000 times the original size and then it is engraved  between two thin Sapphire wafers using High precision photo Lithography Technology.It possess the genuine characteristics
  • Unalterable    – This is unalterable which can resist fire, water, scratch and more.
  • Artistic          – It is available not only in Disc shape. It can be made to any Desire Shape in any Desired Form.
  • Timeless       –  This piece of art will remain through your end of life and also after that through ages. No glue is used in this process.
  • Gigantic        – Gigantic is in the Size of Data  which  it stores not in the Shape and Size.
You can observe this piece and it’s Framework and the level at which the images or documents  or store here—-
The  Data  which is engraved is done in Laboratory under High sterilized conditions so that to attain the perfection of this Piece.


Now after when the data is engraved on it. It’s Highly impossible to see it through your Naked eye as it will be in a size of 10 μm. 
As the Data Present is in Analog in Nature, you can any type of method to view these
  • Digital Microscope- By use of this microscope you can view the data.
  • A power full magnifying Lens.
  • You can also use a Scanner and also use it  display on your PC or Laptop Screen.
 You can Order it in Kick Starter, the expected Delivery is in Q4 of 2015.

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