A2 Hosting Vs Hostgator

A2 hosting vs Hostgator Web hosting Point to point Basic Comparison

A2 hosting vs Hostgator Basic Camparsion

When it comes to hosting, you might find a number of hostings available in the market for your future process or if you are ready to develop your business. But choosing the best hosting is always the important thing for the customers. In this case, we are coming up with the best hostings that will actually work for you and bring the best outcome. Hope it will be helpful for all the seekers that who all are looking for the hosting to purchase whenever they need. Read the detail information about A2 hosting Vs Hostgator

A2 Hosting Vs Hostgator


So, before getting to know about hosting will always be the best choice for the customers indeed. As we all know that the Hostgator is one of the super cool providers of hosting with the best customer service for the customers. In this case, we must admit that there is another hosting in the market with plays as an opponent for its amazing work and features. Yes, we are talking about A2 hosting which has already built its reputation among the customers for its super speed performance and security. So, these are the hosts which should keep it in mind that whenever going to purchase for future use. But make sure that which hosting is best among these two hostings like Hostgator and A2 hosting.

To the people who all are very much eager to know that which one is best among these can know it here in a better way. Here we are providing some of the essential things for you to have a look at the hostings. Hope it will be helpful for the customers before purchasing the hosting. Let’s have a look at the comparison that which is better.

Check the basic Comaparsion

Overall Web hosting comparison

A2 Hosting: It is one of the platforms where you can easily migrate to the cloud, VPS or dedicated servers. By using this hosting, you can get full root access where you can boost the speed. For your information, A2 is mainly running on its own account with the high-speed level of a swift server platform.

Also, A2 hosting comes with perpetual up security that mainly includes its own hack scanning protection software. Along with this, it also contains optimized plugin for auto-hardening. One should know which is mainly comes with super speed performance that is 20 times faster than the average one. Here it has the free hackscan with restore options. You can find the option where the user can easily make the installation process of WordPress at just one click.

HostGator: It is one of the hostings which is available in the market for more than a decade for its amazing performance. It is also named for its reliability along with a large number of servers. When it comes to a sharing hosting provider, it highly supplies the decent level of VPS options

. If you are looking for the budget, it actually costs little more than the other regular hosts. Here the features mainly play the major role among the customers like offering disk space, website templates and control panel. But somehow the features of this hosting are way shorter than other hosts.

Also, the user can find the control allotted for the server. It really needs the little more knowledge to handle this host. It doesn’t need any contract where you will also get the 45 days of money back guarantee. When it comes to purchasing, for the first month, the user will get 50% offer.

Cheap hostings

A2 hosting: One should know that there are several host providers are available on the market but what makes this hosting more different from the others. It has the free Cloudflare SSD and CDN speed boost solution. The user can access up to unlimited email addresses, databases and domains

Hostgator: Here the hosting comes with free Weebly site builder along with the control panel which is easy to use. Also, it will provide unlimited bandwidth, emails and disk space. When comparing with other hosts, it has the premium support as well.

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Comparison of VPS hosting

A2 hosting: It has come up with some of the best VPS options for the customers. Thus the turbo cache options and turbo VPS are 20 times faster over page loads. Available for free Cloudflare CDN and plus auto installs. The hosting mainly supports unlimited databases along with multilingual support. One must know that the main thing is it has the Quadruple redundant network for 24 hours of security monitoring. Here, the users can also receive the updates of a daily kernel.

Hostgator: In terms of VPS hostings, a redundant network has the multiple levels of layers over security network. Also, the hosting is coming with semi or fully managed type options.  It allowed using free website and helps to transfer the script as well. To get 30% off you can use the code HA30OFF for the first month.

Comparison of WordPress hosting 

A2 Hosting: It is the hosting where you can launch your site for the best outcome with the option of WordPress, CMS and others. It has the features like for the best performance and security, A2 hosting optimized WP plugins are used. A2 hosting brings you the support of SSL certificates, 24/7 and PayPal integration. Along with these features, it also has A2 optimized catching, turbo server and SSD speed boost.

Hostgator: It has the easy setup of WordPress on the shared servers. However, you can host on your domain with an unlimited number of emails. When it comes to WordPress, it is very to install in just one click. It also has the money back guarantee of 45 days along with the unlimited disk space where you can purchase at reasonable price.

Final words on A2 Hosting Vs Hostgator 

After a long discussion between the two hosting, we are almost to conclude by revealing which is the best. When it comes to both the hosting, each host did its best for the customers since it’s in own way. But somehow we should conclude in the best way by sharing few of the pluses about the hosting and make that host as a winner. Form our opinion, A2 hosting is the best thing for dedicated and VPS customers.

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I hope you like the basic Camparsion on A2 Hosting Vs Hostgator 2018 

All the above point are from by Point of View you Can you Give your Own view which web hosting is the best in the comment Box please let me know more about your Experience

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