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Lightning Prediction vs Lightning Detection – Pros and Cons

Lightning Prediction vs. Lightning Detection

Hello Everyone Today we are Going know Lightning Prediction Vs Lightning Detection  Do Read the Shot and Brief Information about it,

Lightning Prediction vs Lightning Detection image

If you operate a school, park, golf course or another area where people routinely gather out of doors, a lightning monitoring system is essential for keeping workers and guests safe. Systems for monitoring lightning in real time come in two basic types: lightning predictions and lightning detection. There are advantages and drawbacks to each system, and you should choose your preferred lightning monitoring system carefully depending on the type of facility you maintain.

Lightning Prediction System

 A lightning prediction system monitors atmospheric and weather conditions to provide a warning that lightning strikes may be imminent before the first bolt strikes.  They are useful in facilities such as sports stadiums, golf courses and public parks that may have large areas and a lot of people to evacuate before a storm. The biggest drawback to lightning prediction systems is the risk of false positives. Since these systems strive to provide a warning as early as possible, they may sound the alarm when lightning conditions begin to develop, only to have the conditions resolve themselves without a single lightning strike. 

Lightning Detection System

 Lightning detection systems monitor existing lightning activity and map the progress of lightning storms. They can be used to track the movement of a storm and evacuate areas in advance of it. This type of monitoring is far more accurate than a lightning prediction system, especially when configured to monitor storms over longer distances. However, they may not offer as much time to evacuate an area so they may not be well suited for large or crowded spaces. In addition, storms can change directions quickly so even a sophisticated lightning detection system may not be totally accurate.

 Lightning detection and monitoring systems provide valuable safety information for all types of facilities. Contact us to determine which lightning monitoring system is best for your business.

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