iPhone 7 release date

iphone 7 facts in full description in detail point to point

iPhone 7 facts

Apple 1phone 7 price update

Hopes, expectations, disappointments, and iPhone 7 facts
We have inched closer to the next iPhone launch. If we follow Apple’s trend over the past years, we should be expecting to see the iPhone 7 in the markets by September 2016.
Our sources say that this will be quite a confusing time as it will both make and break a few dreams. Let us start with the good news first.

iPhone is getting a new display

we can technically call it a new display since iPhone 7 is introducing the concept of the edgeless display to the Apple family. Also, it will be a pioneer of the capacitive ‘Home’ button since before this all models featured a distinct home button which limited the touch sensitive screen.

iPhone 7 facts about new camera features

iPhone 7 camera

This is definitely good news for the shutterbugs. Recent leaked pictures of the iPhone 7 models show dual lens camera. This is quite similar to LG G5 and in fact, Apple may just be sanctioning the designs from the same. The camera will be equipped with the excellent dual-sensor unit that the LG phones are now famous for. The model also features a larger camera opening as seen in the leaked pictures.

The rear also features a new type of notification system which will work in collaboration with the traditional LED flash notification system.

iPhone 7 facts of Design

iPhone 7 facts updates

The freshest leak from 20 June shows that the dual camera is very much a reality and the shells do not feature any antenna bands. 3.5 mm headphone jacks will be included since the previous model proposition caused a lot of alienation of Apple patrons.
Further claims have been made for a massive 3500 mAh battery and wireless charging options, but no leaked news regarding the same has been confirmed this far. They will also feature wireless smart connectors, which are becoming quite the rage among Apple fanatics. Apple may skip some of the changes for iPhone 8.

Crank up the speed

Now the inside of a phone is what interests the experts, always. This time, it’s no exception. Apple will be introducing its A10 chipset with the iPhone 7. In addition to that, Apple is also launching its 10th generation of iOS, simply named iOS 10 for iPhone 7.
iOS 10 is one of the fastest and smoothest operating software programs as far the reports are concerned. A10 will give a much better access and control over Siri, which, honestly, is quite terrible at the moment.

Apple iPhone 7 facts on safety

iPhone 7 release date

Forget transparent designs and daring colors. Looks like, Apple is sticking to what has already worked for them this far. Leaked pictures show panels in Rose Gold, Gold and Silver washing away our initial dreams of transparent glass panels and much more. In addition to that, quite unlike the iPhone 6, iPhone 7 will come with one Pro design. In either case, there will be internal memory variants including 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB. No confirmation has been given regarding the external memory expansion or the inclusion of dual SIM ports.

When, where and how much?

In all probability, we will see the first iPhone 7 this September (2016). This is in line with the previous trends which brought us new generations of iPhones in September. However, this time, the pre-bookings open in August and this gives you very little time to gather your finances. The upcoming iPhone may just be one of the costliest in the history of humanity. The prices may be in the neighborhood of $800 – $850 depending on the memory and features.

I hope you like the iPhone 7 facts detail next time we come with new gadgets till then have a nice day

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